Squid url black-whitelist entires quirk

  • Hello All,

    pfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE

    Have two pfSense boxes set up in two separate school buildings
    Set this up at the end of last school year and all filtering seemed to work fine. This starting school year some of the teachers in a couple labs said some blacklisted URL's were coming through on some of the PC;s( on the same subnet in the same room). After doing some investigation I could get the same results logging into a few different PC's.
    Long story short,it appears that by pre-pending the www. to each URL this did resolve the random 'non-filtering' scenario.
    The way I read in the squidGuard web gui interface simply putting say ' facebook.com ' would be correct . .I did not get any random blackilisted URLs to come through after doing this adjustment. +' www.'
    Just curious if anyone has experienced this,or if ,in fact using the FULL domain name is the correct way to do entries in squidGuard this way?
    I had the same results on two different machines,at two different buildings,just for completeness for this post.

    Take Care,

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