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  • hi,
    i've hunted around on here a bit but still can't see any firm answers to my questions. i have an alix 2d3 with 4gb industrial cf card. so i'm running nanobsd pfsense 1.23 2gb and it's been running absolutely fine. but i'm one of those people not content with sitting around etc so i want to try 2.0 beta.
    1. do i duplicate my working slice and download a backup
    2. upload the beta
    3. if it fails or just doesn't work good (due to packages installed etc), is it as simple as switching the bootup slice to the other to downgrade to 1.23?

    any pointers would be appreciated.
    thank you.

  • If you already are using a 1.23 image with two slices based on nanobsd, then just download a 2.0 nanobsd beta image for your card size and install it via the firmware upgrade menus in the GUI.
    It will automatically install on the other slice, (that you're not currently booting from), and will automatically attempt to boot off the newly installed slice.

    Be sure to backup your original 1.23 config first as the configuration will be automatically upgraded, and is not able to be downgraded/reverted if you choose to go back to 1.23.

    You can switch back to the original image/slice by selecting it from the GUI or by selecting it via the serial terminal at boot time.


  • thank you. just to clarify the last bit…..
    if you change back to the previous slice ie 1.23, do you then need to restore from the backup you made previous to the upgrade OR is simply switching over to the 1.23 slice enough?


  • you need to restore the backup config. I've never tried this, so you might want some input from someone who has.


  • ok….. thanks for your response. i suppose, at worst, you could hose the 1.23 slice completely so it won't boot so a fresh install and then a restore from backup would be the absolute worst case.

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