How to up second virtual IP

  • Hi I use PFsense 1.2.3-RELEASE

    My Configuration is following:

    WAN2 - Static IP
    LAN -Local network

    I order second IP in WAN2 interface I configure in pfsense Vlans an Virtual IP. I have ping to this IP everything is ok but.
    Can I manage user from LAN outbound  to this second Virtual IP. they use same gateway.

  • Please tell me how I can manage IP from my LAN to use this virtual IP for outbound.The problem is that these two IPs from WAN2 use identical gateway, and I can't  use this virtual IP for outbound. Sorry for my English. Please help me..

  • Hi again

    My ISP give me second IP on the same lan cable. I plug him into LAN card on pfsense.
    First IP is up and I routed traffic incoming and outgoing.
    For Second IP i create VLAN which parrent interface is the same lan card.I create rules for this VLAN for incoming connections and they are ok.But I can not set PC from Local network to out from this second IP.
    When I set in Firewall/Rules/LAN

    *  *  *  * ( this is my second gateway)

    I constantly out from first IP.

    PLease tell me how I can route outbound traffic to passes from second VLAN IP.


  • for what purpose was made this forum since it does not help ???  ??? ??? ??? ???

  • Your description what you want to do is pretty confusing….

    From what i can guess you need an outbound rule (Firewall --> NAT --> outbound) on your WAN2 with as source IP your VIP.

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