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  • Anyone know of a free email server that can be scaled across multiple servers and domains?

  • Can you be more specific about your requirements?

  • I'm looking for a server that host a virtually unlimited number of domains, with unlimited mailboxes.  I'm really not 100% sure what I'm looking for just yet.  Kind of my first experience into this and would like to learn how hosting providers are doing this.

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    There isn't just one free/oss "server" that does something like that, but you can bring a bunch of things together to make it happen. Something like postfix or exim for mail delivery, courier or dovecot and such for pop3/imap/whatever, and roundcube or squirrelmail or imp for webmail.  If you want to spread out the load, have the backend storage on some kind of SAN and have individual servers for each task such as smtp, pop/imap, etc.

    The Zimbra OSS version says it supports an unlimited number of users, but I've not used it so I can't speak for how well it works in terms of scalability.

    Then again if you get a lot of users, you can probably afford to buy the paid version of Zimbra once you outgrow the features of the OSS version.

  • Thank you.  I was unaware that I would need more than one item.  I will check into those!

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