Unable to access internal webserver using external domain name

  • I am hosting a web server on my private network.  The network has 1 public ip address and port 80 is forwarded to that server from pfsense.  Outside my network, the domain brings up the website just fine, however, internally, if you try to access that domain name, you get nothing.  It says it can't find the page.  Is there something I need to do so that I can use that domain name?  Just fyi, if I browse to that ip address from inside the network, I get asked for a username and password from pfsense.

    I am also able to ping the domain from inside the network and get the correct public ip

  • NAT Reflection needs to be enabled.

  • I thought it was solved, but then I reopened my browser only to find that it does not work.  I had, for the time being, entered it as an entry under dns forwarder

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