Port forwards

  • I have some trouble with forwarding some ports..

    I try to forward (other) port: 1433 (SQL port) redirected to our SQL Server
    But when I test if it can be seen from the "outside" it fails.

    When I enable a pre-defined port, like smtp & https it works flawless.

    I have also tried to make an alias for the SQL ports that I need, doesnt work either.

    I'm using a 2.0 beta build of 28 July, this weekend I will update to the latest build, hope this will solve it.

    Anyone knows or has similar issues?

    Thank you in Advance!

  • You need firewall rules to allow the traffic.

  • After making a NAT port forward, it automaticly generates a Firewall Rule with the same conditions

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You might try a different port as a test, or check with your ISP to see what they might block.

    Some ISPs filter common exploit vectors, and exposing your database port to the Internet is not a good idea in general.

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