Help with install on my lanner fw-7550

  • I installed the "pfSense-2.0-BETA4-2g-20100908-1434-nanobsd.img" to my CF card using physdiskwrite and put it back in my box. Problem is that it cannot boot or something because after post it just stops loading,

    here a pic of where it stops and my settings.

    any ideas?

  • If your BIOS options have been set correctly, enter the BIOS and disable console redirection.  The board is using the COM port for console redirection and thus pfsense is not able use it for console access.
    However, in the event that you need to adjust the BIOS settings again, you might need to reset the CMOS manually and repeat the steps for disabling console access.

    Edit:  Just found out that the BIOS setting allows for disabling redirection after POST.

  • it looks like it might of loaded looking at the HD light blinking after posting but I cannot connect by any network ports… :(

  • Press tab to enter bios and disable console redirection

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