VIP with defined MAC Address

  • I've recently switched to U-Verse and have a 2Wire 3800HGV-B in front of my pfsense box. The 3800HGV has a block of static IPs that I'm trying to pass through to the pfsense box. Unfortunately, it does not support bridged mode and has a wonky MAC Address based 1:1 NAT. It's limited to one device per MAC Address, so I can not simply add virtual IPs to pfsense.

    Is there any way to define a MAC Address for each VIP so they will appear as different devices? Is there another approach that might work?

  • CARP type virtual IP addresses will report as having distinct MAC addresses.

  • This did the trick. Thank you very much.

  • I have also recently switched to U-Verse and have a 2Wire but a 3600HGV (I think this RG is just like a 3800HGV but no TV and/or phone) for Internet only with a block of 64 public static IPs (61 usable).  I simply hate the U-verse RG no bridging allowed to my current Netopia firewall.  After doing some research I want to build/use a pfsense box in place of my old Netopia - so right now am playing around with pFsense in a VirtualBox environment with two real physical NICs. I too am trying to pass through my public IP addresses across the pfsense box.

    I see that this thread identifies a solution:

    CARP type virtual IP addresses should report as having distinct MAC addresses.

    However I am so new to pFsense I just don't understand either the above "solution" or even how to set up my system with U-verse, although once it is configured I am pretty comfortable with entering my own "Firewll: Rules".

    I would be very grateful for any sort of step by step configuration (mini guide or recipe that I can follow) such that I can put pFsense between my 3600HGV and my internal network with both private address space boxes and also the assigned public static IPs.

    Thanks in Advance

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