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  • I may be in other areas but I noticed that the Dashboard still attempts to call sorttable.js
    This script is from 2007 and doesn't work on IE7 or IE8 and produces a minor javascript error.
    In firefox it didn't produce an error but doesn't appear to work eother.

    I suppose table sorting would be a nice feature to have but not critical.

    My question is, Are there plans to update this feature or is this just a legacy item that probably needs removed?

    There are other table sorting scripts out there such as sortable.js <–only one "t" that seem to work with IE7 and IE8 but I'm not sure they would work correctly without modifications. With or without it's probably ok. I'm just not sure if the reward is worth the effort.

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    That code (sorttable.js) is used all over the GUI, not just on the Dashboard. If you are only seeing that error there, it may be a conflict with something else loaded at the time. The exact error would be helpful.

  • I went to check the error and it's not occuring anymore for me. maybe a browser issue on my end.
    I'll look into it more if it reoccurs

    Thanks for the Reply

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