Nat setup with DMZ

  • At my work I have a class c subnetted address block which has 5 host addresses.  I have pfsense set up with 3 interfaces, one wan, one wan, and one opt1.  The wan is x.x.187.202 which is the second address in my range.  this uses standard PAT to server the lan machines at 192.168.1.x    I want to have my web server on a seperate lan network, say 192.168.5.x and under the dmz interface.  I set up 1:1 nat with x.x.187.202/32 as the external subnet and as the internal subnet.  As it stands now I can ping and from the server so I know i have connectivity across the lan, but I cannot access the internet from the server.  I have also tried advanced outbound nat but that does not seem to help.  I am sure there is a simple solution to this but what am I missing?  Thanks.

  • Not an expert on this particular setup, but I think you want the actual subnet on the inside.  e.g.

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