TCP Port based QoS - pfsense2.0

  • I'm not seeing an easy way of doing this but it's so basic that I must be missing something:

    I have NNTP on ports 8080 and ports 563. I have them on two different ports because it's then easy to make a load balacing rule of 8080 on WAN, 563 on OPT. When downloading, web browsing and online gaming are negatively impacted.

    How can I make a simple rule to say that traffic destined for TCP 8080 and TCP 563 are lower priority than everything else, yet still let them use all available bandwidth if nothing else is going on?

  • i went through the wizard, told it to put NNTP low and IPSec high. NNTP is not on the standard port of course so what I did was assigned my two NNTP rules to the low priority qOthersLow. I assigned my IPsec rules to qOthersHigh.

    Result: While downloading a file, my IPSec pings go from ~25ms to ~300ms. A VNC over the VPN was negatively affected by the download but it was still usable.

    I then proceeded to remove the shaper rules. Pings through IPsec sometimes timeout and are between 100-500ms, VNC is almost unusable.

    It looks like this could work with just a bit of tweaking. I wish I could just say low priority for these two ports and be done with it, but perhaps I can try the wizard a few more times and make this a bit better.

  • and going through the wizard for a third time is resulting in ~80ms while downloading. i think i'll just monitor it for a bit, seems to be ok.

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