Can I load balance without firewall?

  • I been trying to find the best opensource multiwan to single lan without the firewall blocking everything, like vonage and most of my games.

    I have 3 internet connections from the same ISP, All 3 are 12 down 1.5 up cable modems.

    So far I tried

    Untangle, no firewall install = good but the load balance sucks, bad.
    Clear OS, Nice load balance but firewall is a pain the… and port forwarding doesnt work correctly.
    so it leaves me to pfsense... can it do it?

    PS: I came from a peplink which was very easy to setup and use but it died 13 days after warranty expired and I dont have $500 to fix it.

  • I should correct myself, I mean NAT not firewall. NAT as been the root of all my issues.

  • pfsense has automatic nat and advanced outbound nat. the latter gives you more control over what gets natted. if your hosts on your lan have routable IPs, then you don't need to do any natting.

  • You can load balance fine without NAT, but you usually have to NAT on all but one of the connections (can't send traffic sourced from a different ISP's public IP). If you have the same IP space on 3 connections, that will likely not work, you need a unique gateway IP for each connection to load balance.

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