WRAP dropping packets badly - VoIP downstream only?

  • I've got two systems running pfSense 1.01 - a P3 233MHz/128M ram (for testing) and a WRAP (1E23/1 also 233Mhz with 128MB ram).

    I also have a 10M/2M connection (gotta love the fiber!) and use Asterisk as my pbx.

    Once my WRAP arrived, I switched to using it and noticed that if there was even a hint of bandwidth being used, the VoIP connection would get choppy (I'm assuming dropped packets).

    I figured that traffic shaping might help this.  It didn't.  In troubleshooting, I noticed that it was only the downstream side of the conversation that was affected.  The call receiver can hear me without interruption, when all I hear is about every 5th packet or something.  This was really noticable once I enabled shaping, as the queue for VoIPDown would drop maybe 300-500 times a minute.  No such drops on the VoIPUp side.  Both queues have identical settings - 256Kbps fixed, untouched from the wizard config.

    Now, I decided to go back to my PC with an identical configuration.  No problems whatsoever.  Very strange.  Near identical system specs as far as CPU and memory…

    The WRAP is not pegged on CPU or memory by any means (hits about 50% on each at most during a call) and I isolated each ethernet interface (I've got three) to make sure one wasn't faulty.

    So, here's the big question:  Is there a difference between the full and embedded releases that might affect my WRAP in such a way?  Or do we think that there's a hardware problem on the WRAP?  Is there any more troubleshooting techniques that I could use to narrow down the potential problem on the WRAP (I might be losing downstream packets in more areas beyond the voip - its just that it isn't showing up any where else)?  Has anyone else experienced such a thing?

    I love the form factor of the WRAP, so I'd like to avoid a move to a full blown PC if I can avoid it.

  • Do you see any in/out errors at status>interfaces? If yes, do you only see them with the wrap or with the other system too? What kind of WAN connection do you have and what kind of link (10/100 mbit/s, full, half duplex)?

  • Strangely enough, these problems have now gone away…

    I did change the location of the router, but little else changed.

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