What kind of cable do I need?

  • I got all of the compatible hardware but to finish my project I need to know what kind of ethernet cable I should use. The system in question has three NICs. One used for WAN and the other two as LAN. I know the WAN uses straight but what about the two LAN connections, do I use crossover cables or straight?

  • If you're using halfway up to date hardware it doesn't matter.
    You really have to go looking for hardware that doesn't support auto-MDIX ;)

  • I'm pretty sure it's a requirement for Gig-E hardware, so as long as you're using either a Gig-E NIC or switch it will figure it out.

  • I'm using three Intel Pro/100M PCI NICs.

    Good to know. Guess I only need to buy one 100ft cable then.

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