1 Load Balancer + 1 Traffic Shaper/Squid. Which machine needs to be beefier?

  • I got this setup now and i'll be moving into live testing in a few weeks after i got new hardware;

    (wan1) –--
    (wan2) ---- [pfSense Load Balance] –--- [pfSense Traffic Shaper/Squid] –-- (local network, 500 max users)
    (wan3) ----
    (wan4) ----

    Question, does the Load Balancer need to have lots of RAM and processing power too?

    Or is it just gonna "feel" like it's receiving a single connection from a single machine?

  • Load balancing doesn't require much at all in terms of resources.  Squid, however, is a memory pig.  Plan your HD and memory allotment accordingly.

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