Two VPN with dual wan

  • Hi! I'm acutally using leaf bering uclibc with shorewall as my firewall, and i'm interested to see if i can replace it with pfsense. In the current network i've two firewalls in two different locations, configured with two wan interface (two different adsl isp line) one dmz and the lan subnet. With openvpn i've two active tunnel, one that goes over  wan1 and the other over wan2. Using routing rules i can decide which openvpn tunnel internal clients use when they try to reach the other office. For example when the two win2k domain controller at the two office try to talk to eachother they use the tunnel over the faster line (wan2). Is it possible to replicate this configuration in pfsense? Thx a lot.

  • nobody answered my question….. :-!! New possible user wainting for an answer...... :P

  • pfSense has openvpn.  I would imagine this would work fine with the push routes features?  Not sure, I don't even run OpenVPN but don't see why it wouldn't work.

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