Load balancer + Squid

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    I am the system administrator of a school, which for reasons of increased users, I need a load balancer. To control access I think we need is squid, but I have heard that the two on the same machine is not possible. The machine has three network cards.

    My current configuration is:

    Net (from to

    PfSense (wan) –-------- Router1 (
    ------ Lan pfSense (lan)
                PfSense (WAN1) -------- Router2 (

    I would like a detailed configuration in order to make the load balancing correctly.
    I have heard that for rolling, the wan should be on different subnets. If the machine with squid and the Balancer can not be on the same machine, how should I configure squid?

    Thanks everybody

    Francesc Alier :)

  • You can run squid and pfSense on the same box, but a limitation of 1.2.3 is that squid will not work properly with multiwan and thus no load balancing.  If you are using 1.2.3 (and you should be for now), put squid on a separate box inside your DMZ, then use pfSense for load balancing your connections.  The documentation for doing all this is readily available, Google will help you find it.

  • hi, is squid work with load balance in 2.0

  • @nassman:

    hi, is squid work with load balance in 2.0


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It can work on 2.0, though the setup isn't fully documented yet. There is a forum thread with more info, search for squid multi-wan and look for posts from Ermal.

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