PfSense DHCP server kinda slow

  • Morning all.  We have a new installation of pfSense 1.2.3 release, nanobsd, on a solid state box.  We are running  DHCP on the LAN, and the firewall on the WAN side to protect the box.  We are getting ip addresses from dhcpd, but it is kinda slow in handing them out, like 20 seconds.  All the ports on the switch are set for portfast, so that shouldn't be it.  We are only handing out like 80 ip's on a private vlan, so load shouldn't be an issue.  All the settings seem pretty straight forward (to me anyway).  The setup is on a private VLAN, removed from the public network.  After testing we will move it to a different vlan that has a gateway out to the public network.  Could it be that it is looking for the gateway, and thus slowing down the lease?  Any suggestions on what to look at to try and speed things up?


  • If a host is making a DHCP request, it doesn't have what it considers to be a valid IP, so gateways and other routing issues should not be germane.  I would do a packet capture during a slow DHCP cycle and see what shows up.

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