How to install freebsd other base commands?

  • I have just installed pfsense and been tinkering with it for few hours now. I must say, I am really really impressed.

    Still trying to install some of the basics software and tweaks for freebsd. I wanted to install programs like "locate" and "cdcontrol" which comes with base freebsd installation. I know it was taken out from pfsense installation to minimize the storage space but how do I install these basic commands? I tried searching in packages to try to install using "pkg_add" but to no avail.

    Anyone can teach me how to install command like locate or man and so on?

    Thanks in advance.

    ps. I know this is out of pfsense topic but how some kind sir would help.

  • Install a developer ISO. That contains a lof of things that is stripped out of the release image.
    You can add binaries from a stock freebsd 6.1 installed on another box, just copy them over with SCP.

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