PfSense Alix (Netgate) in 9 locations

  • I am looking at deploying a firewall/VPN solution into 9 locations with one of the 9 being the central office that all others tie into via VPN.

    The most I have done is connecting 1-3 locations.

    Each location has either a t1 1.5/1.5 or ADSL 6mbit/768k

    I am wondering if the Alix systems are powerful enough to handle supporting this type of enviroment.  The central pfsense will need to be able to handle 8 Point to Point VPN tunnels.  I will also be using a secondary interface on the firewalls for wifi Portal Page pointing to a central Radius server and the radius will be located in the central office.


  • For this kind of traffic it will be more than enough.
    With OpenVPN you should be able to reach something like 10~20 Mbit/s (or max out your line)

  • I agree, the Alix will definitely fit your needs.  I set up a network like this using them without any drama depending on your environment, you can also use the DNS forwarder to resolve internal addresses ensuring all your traffic stays inside the VPN although if you have a decent DNS infrastructure, using a split-dns configuration will probably be easier to manage.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I setup a network exactly like this, the only difference being that I used an Atom box at the "head" location since they also wanted squid and some other things there.

    ALIX boxes do a great job on the endpoint DSL lines in that kind of setup

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