BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.02

  • Hello there, another newbie here hoping for a little help in the right direction..

    I am trying to install pfsense 1.2.3 4g-nanobsd from USB onto a HP Proliant DL 145 G3 server.

    I downloaded the img, wrote it to USB using physdiskwrite, inserted into the server, made it boot from USB and then it stuck at the error in the title.

    I'm probably doing something wrong or haven't thought of something.  Any help appreciated!


  • There's no issue.  The embedded (NanoBSD) variants of pfsense do not use the VGA/ KB for console access.  Once loaded, it uses the first serial port with settings of 9600/8/N/1 for console access.

    You will need another machine/ laptop with a terminal client (I recommend Putty for Windows) and a serial port.  Connect this to the pfsense rig with a Null modem cable and you should see the pfsense console inside of the terminal software.  Remember to set the software to 9600/8/N/1 though.

    Also, if your server supports redirection of VGA to serial, you will need to disable this feature in BIOS or at least set it so that redirection is disabled after BIOS.

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