Package status HAVP Antivirus ? ?

  • 2.0-BETA4  (i386)
    built on Mon Sep 13 08:05:00 EDT 2010
    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE

    Package status  HAVP Antivirus ? ?

    do anyone have these packages Installed

    along with HAVP working on 2.0

    packages Installed

    Country Block- 0.1.4

    I tried it in the past and lost all internet access havp would not start and had to do a system restore

    luckly I always create a system backup image.

  • I had asked about this back on sept 9th about HAVP.  I never did recieve a response.  I had noticed problems with the use of HAVP since before August 10th's snapshots.  Package would install, but that was about it.,28168.0.html
    The only ones out of your package list I don't use are the IP block lisk and the country block.

    As of today's snapshot I can't even get HAVP to install without locking up.  I had to do what jimp said in this topic.,28325.0.html

  • I have installed HAVP as well and it doesn't seem to catch any viruses at all.  Does anyone know what happened to HAVP?

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