Captive portal problem

  • Dear all,

    I just implemented captive portal recently and i found out, there are some issues happening. My PfSense box is 2.0-BETA4  (i386) built on Fri Aug 20 15:04:15 EDT 2010.
    The Mac OS, IPod and some Windows clients which are in the allowed list, sometime they are getting the captive portal authentication page.
    I could resolve the problem by deleted the them from the list and re-create them but later it happen again.. but it is strange to see this happen since they are in the allowed list.

    Regard,  ???

  • Please be more verbose on your configuration.
    Show facts when the issue happens and some logs with it.

  • The captive portal configuration  is very simple

    • Captive portal page

    Enable and Interface: Lan

    • Pass-though MAC

    I added all well known clients and some of them (MS windows client, MAC OS and IPod) are blocked by captive portal authentication page.


    There is only one log which appear in the system log

    php: /services_captiveportal_mac.php: The command '/sbin/ipfw delete 77; /sbin/ipfw delete 78' returned exit code '69', the output was 'ipfw: rule 78: setsockopt(IP_FW_DEL): Invalid argument'

    and Portal Auth page

    Sep 16 12:31:18 logportalauth[42107]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 08:00:27:3e:a1:a4,
    Sep 16 11:10:46 logportalauth[45822]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:18:41:e1:1a:3c,
    Sep 16 10:50:05 logportalauth[45822]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:24:9f:3f:fd:0b,
    Sep 16 10:28:45 logportalauth[50046]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:23:14:ae:30:08,
    Sep 16 10:16:14 logportalauth[45822]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:23:14:ae:39:90,
    Sep 16 09:56:21 logportalauth[54770]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 5c:59:48:a1:8c:09,
    Sep 16 09:53:44 logportalauth[54770]: CONCURRENT LOGIN - REUSING OLD SESSION: unauthenticated, 00:26:37:14:49:4a,
    Sep 16 09:53:44 logportalauth[54770]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:26:37:14:49:4a,
    Sep 16 09:52:05 logportalauth[54770]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:26:37:14:49:4a,
    Sep 16 09:45:43 logportalauth[50046]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:21:e8:b9:af:74,
    Sep 16 09:43:44 logportalauth[45822]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:21:6a:85:f5:58,
    Sep 16 09:37:45 logportalauth[50046]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 38:e7:d8:02:1d:f3,
    Sep 16 09:34:38 logportalauth[54770]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, c4:17:fe:fb:c0:24,
    Sep 16 09:30:44 logportalauth[22939]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:26:9e:3b:36:86,
    Sep 16 09:19:45 logportalauth[54770]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 40:2b:a1:e0:74:a9,
    Sep 16 09:16:46 logportalauth[50046]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:23:8b:75:90:3d,
    Sep 16 09:15:01 logportalauth[45822]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:22:15:44:73:14,
    Sep 16 09:06:33 logportalauth[58101]: ACCEPT: unauthenticated, 00:1b:fc:df:8f:2a,

    But these are unknown MAC address which are not the allowed list

    The very strange one, my Debian server was able to access to internet since the morning but later during lunch time, it was not able. there is no log about that server in PFSense.
    I just re-create and it solved.

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