Proxy Server with mod_security

  • First of all: Hi
    2nd. I installed "Proxy Server with mod_security" Package and after that i cant acces Pf Sense menu it's telling me…


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.**

    Now i want to remove this package and i cant eaven acces control panel to do it…

    Any ideas??? :-\

  • Probably going to have us the old standby of local access to the box running it with keyboard/mouse/monitor if you hadn't enabled ssh.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Looks like maybe they are both trying to run on the same port.

    Removing the binary bits that package wants from the console or shell is probably the easiest way out. Run "pkg_info" to see what's there, and then run "pkg_delete <name>", where <name>is what you are wanting to remove, like the apache* stuff.

    That won't remove the pfSense GUI portions of the package, but it should get you back into the gui.</name></name>

  • Little help over here…i run


    i reviewed the installed packages and

    pkg_delete mod_security

    but still i can't connect to webconfigurator…

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