Ntpdate - self time syncronization

  • hi all,
    a simple question:
    how often, does a pfsense box synchronizes itself with the NTP time server configured in "general setup"?!?

    Because when I run ntpdate on command after few days, the time difference is more than 30s…

  • see status>systemlogs, openntpd

  • hi,
    I do not mean the pfsense as ntp server (openntpd)! I mean it as client! Because the times in the system logs is important to synchronize all logs.

    Therefore, my question was regarded to the time self synchronization of a pfsense box with the ntp server configured in general setup?

  • This is exactly what this tab shows.

  • hi,
    OK, I thought, that is shows only the logs from the ntp daemon (server)

    in the log there is written one times:
                kernel: ntpd: unknown user _ntp
    and the time is not synchronized.
    the firewall allows the communication with the ntp server configured in the general setup.

    is any other configuration missing?

  • I guess this is an updated system. You are missing the user that runs the ntp service. I recommend a reinstall. Backup your config.xml, reinstall and restore.

  • hi,
    thanks, OK, I will do it!

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