PFSense Cert?

  • Hello all,

    I've been a big fan of PFS and have been following it closely since its inception as a convert from m0n0wall.  I've got a few Cisco certs, but I have a hard time getting up the motivation to go any further with Cisco, as I hate the idea of becoming a whore to a vendor.  PFS on the other hand I have much warmer feelings for :)  Are there plans for establishing some sort of certification?

    BTW, I bought the book when it first came out, great job guys!!

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    The idea gets tossed around now and then, but the usual impression is that it would be more trouble than it's worth. :-)

  • I wonder if there is any wisdom in establishing a locality based section on the forum…to help establish user groups?  I know the whole usergroup thing isn't as robust as it was a few years ago, but it could be useful I suppose.  I have access to meeting space here in San Diego I would be happy to donate for monthly get togethers....the question is I suppose, is there enough interest.  I could see putting on monthly hands on labs, "today we're going to set up CARP failover" or "today we're going to set up dual WAN load balancing" etc....

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    If you can find enough interested people in a given geographical area it could work. We have heard of a few more general (Linux, BSD, Unix, etc) groups that do a session now and then on pfSense, rather than one group dedicated to just it.

  • Ya, there's a Linux user group here in SD, but the meetings have become pretty stuffy.  I used to host a wireless user group back in the day, which turned into a very active group that actually went out and did stuff.  But in the end, interest dropped off, and it became a huge hassle to keep something that big organized.  I'd be happy to test the waters here, I'm already involved in both an LA and SD Asterisk usergroup, and VoIP and networking obviously go hand in hand…which is why I'm wondering if a locality based section could help these groups attract more members interested in the PFS side of the equation?

    You guys are the experts on the open source networking community, so I will defer to your judgment, but if you started up such a section, I'd be sure to jump in to see if there's any interest in the SoCal area.

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    There probably isn't enough interest to keep a board dedicated for it, but feel free to post about it here in the General Discussion board. I'm sure you'll get some interested people.

  • Fair enough, let me get my ducks in a row, and I'll do that :)

  • Certifications usually mean something to the industry as well as the individual.  Unfortunately, pfSense isn't prevalent enough out there to mean anything, so a certification on your resume' would be equally irrelevant.  Just be good at it and install it for customers where appropriate.

  • Meh, I don't get certs for resumes, I get them (at least Cisco certs) because they're a great way to fill in the blanks between things that you've taught yourself and things you just picked up by working with the product.  I think having online tests that one could test himself against so he knows what he doesn't know would be great.  Even if you don't get a piece of paper at the end.

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