Multiple PPPoE's with Dummy Routers

  • I've been browsing around and searching and haven't been able to find a clear cut answer.

    I'm running the latest non-2.0 version of pfSense and have two PPPoE ADSL connections coming into my home.  The first one is on WAN and is working properly.  I cannot add the second one because pfSense does not support PPPoE on OPT1.

    If I have a Linksys WRT54GS running dd-wrt, is there some way I can do the following:

    ADSL Modem –-> dd-wrt linksys with PPPoE credentials ---> pfSense

    All while allowing pfsense to do all the routing and natting (no double nat)?

    I appreciate the help.

  • Yes this should be possible.
    With 2.0 you will have the possibility to terminate all the PPPoE links directly on the pfSense.
    However if these links are from the same provider you might run into the problem, that two links are not allowed to have the same gateway.

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