Current SNORT packages for pfsense 1.0.1

  • Hi,

    This is probably more for package maintainer.

    I have installed snort before when my pfsense's version is
    1.0-RC3 and had to de-install it before it was causing
    network problems.

    It's probably sill question, … but when u de-install a package
    for pfsense, is the package removed all together ( ie deleting them ) ?
    or it's just stop that package daemon/service ?
    ( ie they are still in the disk )

    This is because after I upgrade to 1.0.1, 'find / -name snort' will
    get me :

    and snort -V will get me snort Version (Build 85)  FreeBSD

    'top' also notice a 'snort' process with -58 priority.

    But, i don't get to see SNORT under Service tag in the WebGUI like
    used to ( when i had snort in 1.0 RC3 )

    Just wondering if snort is included in 1.0.1 upgrade ?

    Thx for your help,

  • No, snort is not included. You have to download it after a fresh install.

    I believe most of the snort folders are left alone during an uninstall of the package. If you were to remove snort and then reinstall it at a later time, it will load up with your previous configuration as long as you didn't reformat.

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