Do I need a trunk?

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    I have my pfsense box setup with multiple vlan's over a single nic that go to a HP ProCurve switch.  I have an Ubuntu box that I want three vlan's 'connected' to it.  Right now, I have the Ubuntu box up and running, configured it with vconfig, and I'm able to properly obtain ip addresses to all the vlan interfaces.

    However, it seems like only 'one' vlan interface will work while the others are just dead.  I can't ping the other IP's; just the one at a time.  I have a funny feeling that I might have to configure a trunk on the switch in order for this to work.  Before I blow something up, can somebody confirm that this needs to be done?  Does pfsense and Ubuntu automatically load the proper drivers for it to trunk, where all I need to do is configure the switch?


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    have you created rules between the vlans?

  • As long as you have tagged all the VLANs on the upstream port of the switch to the server you should be able to reach them (If you have configured the interface correctly).

  • Thanks for the responses.

    I was getting confused on the procurve definition of 'trunk'.  Trunk in their words means link aggregation/increase the bandwidth.

    My problem was that I fat-fingered one of the vlan information on the linux server, which was causing problems.  I fixed everything and everything is perfect.  :)

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