Can't enable my ipsec tunne

  • hello  :'(

    I want to connect 2 tunnel

    this is my basic configuration

    Negotiation mode: 3DES
    Hash algorithm : MD5DH
    key group : 2

    Authentication method: RSA signature

    Protocol : ESP
    Encryption algorithms : 3DES
    Hash algorithms : MD5
    PFS key group : off

    I have put Certificate, Key and Peer certificate in both ipsec pfsense tunnel (generated with webGUI SSL certificate/key in the advance pfense configurator)

    But unfortunatly my SAD doesn't work and my ipsec tunnel in the same way  :(!
    When I take a look in the IPsec VNP system log this is what I got!

    Can someone help me and show me the way to enbale my ipsec tunnel? thank u

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