Direction to me in publish FTP server

  • Hi all,
    I got a trouble with pfsense when publishing a FTP server. I configured a FTP server (using vsftp) in my local network and it's working fine, but when i publish to internet client, it dosent work. For my situation, the FTP server ip is, in pfsense i made a rule for that machine, then i configured NAT for that one at port 21, but internet client cannot access to the FTP server. How do I troubleshoot this problem?? I'm new at pfsense so plz tell me more detail about the solution

    Thx all with any helping,

  • Hello,

    I had similar problems, the solution on my system was to define the pasv_address in your vsftp.conf.
    It is mendatory, that this address is your WAN-IP.
    I found a script which put my WAN address in to this config file once a day.
    Every night at 2a.m. my PFSense is restarting the wan connection and five munutes later a cron job will run this script.

    #vsftpd.conf IP update
    my_ip=`host your-dyndns-address | cut -f4 -d" "`
    vsftpd_ip=`grep pasv_address $vsftpd_conf | cut -f2 -d=`
    if [ "$my_ip" != "$vsftpd_ip" ] ; then
    ( echo ",s/$vsftpd_ip/$my_ip/g" && echo w ) | ed - $vsftpd_conf
    echo `date` "$vsftpd_conf updated with $my_ip IP address" >> $vsftpd_log
    /etc/rc.d/inetd restart >> $vsftpd_log

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