2.0 Release Date?

  • Hello

    Does anyone know when 2.0 is expected to be released?

    Sorry if this is a double post, but the search didnt come up with anything relevant.


  • It's been asked and answered many times ;)

    In summary, when it's ready.  The roadmap should give a rough indicator of progress.

  • ok thanks. would it be possible to give a rough idea of timescale?

    sorry for not being a technical wiz

  • Please, search the forum.  Rough timescales have been posted before, but the answer is still the same - when it's ready.

    If having 2.0 is critical to you then you may want to consider financial support and helping out.

  • Hiya

    It's not that it is critical, it is just that we are trying to work with a number of elements on our evolving network, and 2.0 will make life a lot easier for us. We are a community group, have 250 connections, and we are also non profit, have no money, and we volunteer our time to develop the project selflessly. We been running for 15 years, and pfsense is the best solution, however it is a bit out dated, and 2.0 has the features we want to use.

    I am in no rush, please don't get me wrong, I am just trying to get an approximate ETA which I can relay back to the crew here.

    and I am not a tech geek, and find a lot of the info here incomprehensible jargon.

    All I was hoping for by posting was someone to say something like 'hopefully within 3 months' or similar.


  • As Cry Havok pointed out in his links, this has been asked and answered many times.  There is no announced release date.  The pfSense developers do not announce long term release dates.  There are a number of bugs to fix in 2.0, and they are being worked on.  When they're fixed, then 2.0 will be released.  Please do a little searching before asking questions.

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