Tcp_outgoing_address (Squid package)

  • I'm trying to achieve "load balancing" with squid optional rules,

    basically using tcp_outgoing_address plus some acls to allow downloads to go thru a big pipe ADSL, while saving the main link for other tasks…

    but the momment that i activate the tcp_outgoing_address rule, squid is unable to work...

    whats wrong ?

  • I do not know the technical issues that cause the problem, but load balancing is not possible with Squid in pfSense 1.2.3.  I believe this might work in 2.0.

  • theres nothing inherently wrong with doing "load balancing" with tcp_outgoing_address, neither any real technical limitation against this.

    i cant understand why pfsense blocks this kind of traffic.

  • pfSense does not block it.  IIRC, There is a technical limitation in the FreeBSD implementation of pf, ipctl, or Squid.  I can't recall as this was brought up some time ago.  The devs worked to find a solution, but it was not possible.  I think that pfSense 2.0 beta supports this, as whatever the limiting factor was has been upgraded (FreeBSD to v.8, pf, ipctl, etc.)

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