Are there any pfSense experts for hire?

  • I'm running pfSense in a wifi cafe and need assistance with.

    • creating login page with acceptance of terms and conditions before getting internet access
    • Also having login page advertise online order for the cafe and other marketing ideas
    • Users get bumped off in 45 minutes(reminded that diners may need their seat and to be considerate of the cafe business), but could login again.
      -Help with current firewall problems.  Some features of Talk Switch VOIP phones will not work, surveillance DVR cannot send emails.

    I'm guessing this type of work could be done remotely.

  • Maybe the pfSense team can help you

  • Agreed - who better to work with than the team that wrote pfSense.  As a subscriber, I can't say I have ever had anything put stellar support in working with them.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As the other two responders said: pfSense commercial support is available and we're more than happy to help with issues like the ones presented.

    Otherwise, if you do not want to use our commercial support, you can post in the Bounty forum and ask for a quote or provide a number you'd be willing to offer to get it done, and someone else on the forum may respond.

  • Thanks I will use these options.  ;D

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