Wireless isp help needed

  • Hey all,

    new to pfsense here and have it pretty much figured out, love its free functionality but here is the problem.
    I live on a farm with 3 houses on it useing anywhere from 3 t0 7 computers. We finally were able to get broadband here. Here is the setup. The main hub of the isp is 12 miles away, there is an access point 2 miles away from me and 2 user modules on our farm it is all wireless till it hooks up to Pfsense. i cant find out the ip address of each module so I run  one through a regular linksys wrt54g router to get a differant addrress to the internet. My load balance it setup to wan primary and opt1 secondary but no load balancing. wan takes load and opt1 seems like opt1 is in endless ping. if i knew how to post a pic i would show.

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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