2.0 beta to 2.0 final - will there be a problem?

  • I think pfSense 2.0 beta has reached a point where I'd like to run it at home (nothing mission critical) and keep upgrading with snapshots until the release comes.  Is there any reason I would not be able to do this?  Will it be a rolling upgrade all the way until the 2.0 final, or will there be a point where you have to format and start over at release time?

  • Pfsense 2.0 Beta 4 built on Fri Sep 24 14:30:24 EDT 2010 - stable

  • There's always a risk that some portion of your configuration could become broken after updating.  One case is that when there are changes to the config.xml layout, sometimes the upgrade code isn't quite correct initially.  You could end up using a snapshot with incomplete configuration upgrade code and your configuration won't just automatically be fixed when updating to a snapshot where the configuration upgrade code is fixed.

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