PC cannot see other PCs, but vice-versa is fine

  • Sorry if this posted in the wrong local, and my searching didn't pull any hits (prob. bad query between brain and keyboard  ;D).

    I'm using pfsense to do the DHCP and PPOE over the DSL bridge.

    My main box (xx.xx.0.100) I can ping/map to the server (xx.xx.0.50), but the server cannot do the same in reverse.  Everything can ping the pfsense box though.

    I've attached the rules/nat, if anyone could give me a pointer I'd be appreciative.  Everything else, so far, works as 'planned' (RDP, FTP), EXCEPT for a few caveats:

    No RDP to the xx.xx.0.100 yet (still playing)
    and the FTP through the LAN needs to use the IP instead of the DNS name

  • bumping.

    Anyone?  Wish I had more than 2 PCs to test better  ::)

  • What kind of server is this ? Have you done local firewall exclusions on it ?

    For windows2003\2008 servers you need to run the server setup wizard before any IP-based access to the server is allowed.

  • @i_robot73:


    Anyone?  Wish I had more than 2 PCs to test better  ::)

    Both PC and server are on the same LAN subnet and pings won't go through the pfsense box - they go through the switch.  IMO, you have not configured the server to reply to Pings.

    As for RDP, it's probably the same thing in effect.  Make sure that Windows firewall (disgusting tool that I normally disable in lieu of better solutions) is set on the server to allow incoming RDP connections.

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