Status: Gateway Groups

  • Hi.
    Status: Gateway Groups – show uncorrect status of gateways.
    I think it was so… :)

    function lookup_gateway_monitor_ip_by_name($name) {
            $gateways_arr = return_gateways_array();
            if (!empty($gateways_arr[$name])) {
                    $gateway = $gateways_arr[$name];
                            return $gateway['gateway'];
                    return ($gateway['monitor']); //  old string - return ($monitorip);
            return (false);

  • There is quite a few outstanding issues with the gateways and groups. I've reported the status issue at least twice. The devs tell us that they're aware of them. I've seen little if any work done with these issues this past week but I'm sure we can expect them addressed in due time.

  • I think not working static routes associated on dynamic gateways is more big problem for Router. This problem is present at least last year. :)

  • Thanks for catching the monitorip problem. I've added it into my work in progress on the gateways. I'm reviewing and updating all the code around core gateway handling and hopefully resolving lots of long standing and recent issues (including the static routes for dynamic interfaces.)


  • If it means anything, I have working version of status gateway group. It is cosmetic thing because some major problems still exists.
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