Remote management

  • Going quietly mad trying to make what I think should be a simple change.

    We run two sites linked by a VPN - IPSEC - managed by pfsense 1.2.3 each end.  I would like to be able to manage the pfsense boxes from either end - but at this time seem unable to find a combination of rules to let me do this.  The VPN works perfectly in terms of access for clients and servers in either direction but I am only able to manage the "local" pfsense box.

    Can anyone point me towards the solution.



  • Make sure your firewall rules on the LAN interface allow connections to the LAN IP address from the remote network.  By default, everything on the connected LAN network is allowed, but you'll need to allow the remote LAN in order to make shiny happen.

  • All done - I can ping the box and it all comes back OK - just unable to get access to the web gui - sure I have missed something obvious - just not clear what!


  • post your firewall rules.

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