Shaping for groups of IP

  • Hi!
    Is it possible?
    I want create aliases : Group1MB (,,…) Group512Kb(,,...)
    For first group each of IP should have max. upload 1024 kbps, for second each IP should have max. upload 512 kbps.
    If I understand correctly I can create queue for each IP so it has max. 1MB or 512.
    But how I can create queue for Group1MB ofr Group512Kb so each IP in groups can have max 1024 or 512.
    Is it any simple way to do it?


  • You can't. unless you create a queue and a shaperrule per IP.

  • thanks. I'm new to shaping so I have one more question.
    I created queue for VOIP with limit 1MB using wizard.
    It created several queues , between them 2 (VOIPup,VOIPdown) with limits 1MB.
    And it also created 2 rules:

    (it is from memory)
    WAN > LAN * * VOIPdown/VOIPup down
    LAN > WAN * * VOIPup/VOIPdown  up

    I want shape only upload from servers. So I need only second rule.
    But when I turn off WAN > LAN, shaping doesn't work.

    Does it mean that for each new IP I have to create similar 2 queues and 2 rules, not only one queue and one rule for upload?


  • @hoba:

    You can't. unless you create a queue and a shaperrule per IP.

    i guess this is true but if you only have 1Mb bandwidth then one queue up and one queue down
    with an alias will work for you was well. then 1MB would be the max they could use but they would share it if more than one was uploading

  • create an alias for a group of Ips and base your rules on aliases instead of IP addresses, then set your max at what you want the group as a whole to max out at, create queues for each of those groups.  Probably not exactly what you want, but can't be too far off

  • databeestje has added a penalty option that exactly does this integrated as additional step in the wizard. Give it a try:,3135.msg18892.html#msg18892

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