Youtube shaping

  • i recently have come across this issue, when the client tries to open multiple youtube pages all at once and all creating traffic on port 80 which is set for surfing etc and so priority is set higher on the shaper and opening multiple pages causes many many streams to  load all at once and thus causing all bandwidth to be consumed and then the shaper isnt able to shape voip traffic for best performance and this causing lagging audio on calls and a lot of jitter.

    i was wonder if there was any way to create a rule for youtube video or anything from their site to be placed in the p2p queue and any way to reduce each client from creating a hell lot of state table entries and limiting their pps rate etc so that if the traffic shper falls back in performance then atleast the other rules can avoid a single client stealing all bandwidth.

  • Well I think youtube has some 6-10 big servers where they stream videos from. You could use tcpdump to look for these dns names or ips and try to set up a rule with lower priority and a destination of these servers…

    It'll be some work but it could be for you are looking for...

  • I block YouTube with these blocks

    You may be able to use it for shaping as well

  • thanks, ill give it a try

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