Console redirection on com2

  • Is there another solution then downloading the developers edition, altering the kernel config and rebuilding a custom image to enable console redirection to com2 instead of com1? Our new firewalls have a useless lcd on com1 and a fixed com2, so no solution by changing the cables.

    If I assume no, how hard/automated is the developers edition? I build custom freebsd installations for some years now.
    F.i. if version 1.0.2 hits the street and I download the latest developers edition, will I be able to build 100% the same as you can find on the download section (full, cf…)?



  • Anyone? At least give me some info about the dev edition, I'm not afraid to use it, but as always I'm short on time.

  • You open the box up?? Maybe the lcd is plugged into the board by a ribbon cable. If so older machines had ribbon cable connector to serial port. You can grab one of those off ebay and slap in it there.

  • It's an appliance with everything fixed. I can unplug the lcd, but there's nothing there to screw the serial break out thing. Off course you can adapt everything with a drill, but those appliances were a bit to expensive for that :)

  • Can you reassign ressources in the bios to swap the com interfaces?

  • I can assign console redirection, but swapping com1/2 isn't possible. Too bad you have to recompile the kernel for this…

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