Had to shut PFSense Down after 396 days

  • Got a new desk, had to rearrange, and it was plugged into my UPS… but alas, I had to move the machines location, so I had to shut it down.

    Excellent job on PFSense.  While I probably do not use 1% of its features, it works great as a home router/firewall.  Since I rebooted, I did update it to release 1.0.1 :)  Great Job, keep up the good work.

  • That's some uptime. My longest uptime is a CARP Cluster with 302 days each system  ;D

  • 248 days, stupid generator didn't kick in when the power went out:P

  • Oh, just saw from the screenshot, it's even a livecd system  :o

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