Multi WAN Multi Web Server - incoming routing

  • Right now we have 2 ISPs and two SSL servers. One running on each ISP connection. I'd like to setup Load Balancing on a pfSense box but I'm having problems finding out some information by searching the forums.

    I'd like to keep each SSL server on separate public IPs. How do I route WAN port 443 traffic to a specific device on the LAN based on the incoming WAN? I'll also need to route outgoing traffic from each server to the correct WAN.


  • Simply create two standard portforwards (firewall –> NAT).
    Have in each rule the appropriate WAN as external address (make sure NOT to set it to any).

    The NAT table should handle automatically that the answer goes out the correct WAN.

  • Thanks for the super fast reply GruensFroeschli.
    I'll give it a go.

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