Does pfSense do all this?

  • I understand there are a lot of packages for pfSense like Squid that aren't in the default setup. I'm looking to possibly move from Untangle to pfSense but wanted to know if a few things were a part of pfSense or as package addons before I put too much effort into it.

    Website category blocking (porn, gambling, dating, etc)… is this what SquidGuard does?
    Time based policies (block Facebook, YouTube, etc, during non-break times for certain users... other users get full access all the time)
    Spyware/Ad blocker

    Untangle does all of this but doesn't have Squid and is a little slow IMO. I'd prefer not to do a Squid -> Untangle setup just for Squid if possible.

  • short: YES

    1. squid and squidguard need to be installed, if done with opendns it works a little better, do a block rule to prevent them from bypassing opendns, useful for sites that use https as squid does http only
    2. yes with firewall rules
    3. yes/no ads with squid and a custom config, spyware via http only with havp.

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