Just thinking about switchin' from Ipcop to Pfsense….

  • Hi there . my first post here.
    I'm using ipcop for 3 years now and it has always worked flawlessly but what I've always missed is a Failover function !
    In my company we have 2 dsl lines from 2 different Internet providers and each with a static public IP. Now the situation is that when a line falls down ,my users know they have to change their gateway IP (that way they switch from 1 ipcop box to the other one) . I'd like to implement an automatic failover and I know that this is possible using , for instance , pFsense  ;)
    I'm using Ipcop as a firewall , of course , but I've also implemented OpenVpn for remote connection , Dansguardian for filtering web access , Spamassassin ( through copfilter addon) for spam filtering and Sarg for traffic daily and weekly usage.
    Are all these features also available in pfSense ?
    many thanks in advance.

  • We do not have dansguardian or any equivalent.

  • I'm just thinking the oposite  :D

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