How to change boot device permanently

  • One of my pfsense boxes just got fried (on a UPS in a serverroom, mind you!).  So we moved the disk drive to a new but different box.  The system boots up to a point when it prompts for the boot partition.  It tries /dev/ad5s1a but fails.  If one enters ufs:ad2s1a it boots and all is well, but of course I would like this change to be permanent.  However, the /boot/loader.conf is empty and /boot/defaults/loader.conf has no effect on the boot process.

    Can someone please point me the correct place to change the boot partition specification?  Of course, we could do a fresh install and restore a backup of the config, but then we would have learnt nothing and that would be so much "the windows way" that I would prefer to just correct the setup! :-)



  • You probably need to change /etc/fstab

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