Constant reboots on 0.96.4 embedded

  • Hi there,
    Just upgraded to 0.96.4 embedded from a previous 0.96.2 and now my box keeps rebooting itself.
    It doesn't even get to assign my PC an IP so that I can look at the logs…
    As always after downloading my upgrades and before actually upgrading I checked the MD5 hashes.
    Anyone else experiencing the same?
    Otherwise I think I'll reflash the full 0.96.4 just to see what it does then.

  • Since noone replied, I guess it means noone else had a similar problem or that in these cases I have no other option but to re-flash my box to the latest release and set it up right from the start.

  • Which box are you using?

    I just installed .96.4 on my WRAP (this morning) and it runs great.  No need for a serial console either, which was nice.


  • Sorry about that but I didn't check this thread for a while.
    My box specs are in my signature.
    I have reflashed my box with 0.97 and all seems fine right now.
    Maybe a CF card issue.
    Gotta buy a Sandisk instead of this cheap stuff…