Cisco AIR-PI21AG-A-K9

  • Hello, I installed a cisco AIR-PI21AG-A-K9 PCI card into an IBM ThinkCentre 8141-28U
    1 GB Ram
    80 GB HD
    and tryed to install load/boot from live CD pfsense, pfsense will not load or boot, it wants to reboot every time I try.
    the Card is good, tryed in another system with windows xp works fine.
    tryed swaping PCI slots also and still the same.
    does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
    I'm using the on board nic and an Intel PRO/1000 GT in one PCI slot "witch works fine"
    and trying the 2nd PCI slot with the cisco AIR-PI21AG-A-K9

  • Suggest you install without the Cisco card. Then on first reboot after pfSense installation is complete, poweroff and install the Cisco card then power on. If you still have the same problem report the verson of pfSense you are using and what is reported on the console before the reboot.

  • Ver. is 1.2.3
    I don't have enough time to read it all, it reboots in about 10-15 sec.s

  • I can't find that card in the list of wireless networking cards supported by FreeBSD 8.1. Do you have reason to believe its supported in FreeBSD? Do you know the chipset on the card?

    Some supported cards that are comparatively cheap (well under US $30 where I live after conversion to US$) are

    • PCI: TP-Link TL-WN651G and TL-WN350GD and Tenda W54P

    • USB: TP-Link WN-321G, Tenda W311U and W322U (USB).

    The PCI cards should work in both pfSense 1.2.3 and 2.0 BETA. The two Tenda USB cards work only in pfSense 2.0 BETA (after a small edt to a system file to load the firmware) and I have had the TP-Link USB adapter work in pfSense 1.2.3 but it has been troublesome in pfSense 2.0 though that might be fixed in the latest snapshots. All these adapters support wireless Access Point mode.

  • this card is supported, chipset is Atheros
    heres the output when booting.
    pcib1:  <acpi pci-pci="" bridge="">at device 30.0 on pci0
    pci10:  <apic pci="" bus="">  on pcib1
    ath0:    <atheros 5212="">mem 0xd0000000-0xd000ffff irq 22 at device 10.0 on pci10
    ath0:    [ITHREAD]

    Fatal trap 12: page fualt while in kernel mode
    cpuid = 0: apic id = 00
    fault virtual address  =0x0
    fault code                  =supervisor read, page not present
    instruction pointer      = 0X20: 0x0
    stack pointer              =00x28:0xc1020698
    frame pointer              =00x28:0xc10206ac
    code segment              = base oxo,  limit oxfffff,  type 0x1b
                                        = DPL 0, pres 1,  def32 1,  gran 1
    processor eflags          = interrupt enabled, resume, IOPL =0
    current process            =0 (swapper)
    trap number                  -12
    panic: page fault
    cpuid =0
    Uptime: 1s
    Automatic reboot in 15 seconds-press a key on the console to abort

    Any ideas?</atheros></apic></acpi>

  • I suggest you try a snapshot build of pfSense 2.0 BETA which has more up-to-date drivers.

  • OK, I was able to install pfsense 2 lasted release with this card,  but it won't let me asign it.
    it does see it!
    being the  wireless card mabe I'm miss something???

  • I don't have a pfSense 2.0 BETA system with an ath card.

    Please elaborate on "it won't let me assign it". You could fill in the blanks in the following sentence. I did … and I saw ... but I expected to see ...

  • I bought a new nic TP-Link TL-WN651G  and it works great.
    thanks for the time and support.

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