Replace an existing firewall (transparent)

  • Hi all,
    I have to replace my intranet firewall, and I want to employ pfsense.
    It's a transparent firewall which has wan and lan on different subnet.
    So, I try to setup pfsense, but from external ip address I'm not able to ping internal host.
    what I have to do also?



    IN firewall -> NAT -> Outbound I flag the "no NAT" option, so I can surf intranet sites by the actual IP address.

    I also add a "TEST" rule that permit all traffic from wan to lan…

    What I have to do to permit ping from external ip to internal ip?
    tks in advance.

  • Problem solved…
    It was a rule problem, in that when I switched from wan network to any (source network)all is gone in the right way.

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